Whether you are a venue, concert promoter, festival organizer or an independent looking to sell tickets for an upcoming event, Ticketscene is your proven and trusted source!

Established in 2007, Ticketscene.ca is a popular Canadian-owned online ticketing and event promotion platform designed to help professional and independent promoters sell more tickets while giving your customers the best possible experience.

Ticketscene gives you all the tools and reports to sell, promote, and manage your online ticketing, box-office, and point of sale requirements anywhere in North America.

Best of all, Ticketscene is easy to use! Begin today and start selling tickets to your next event or series. We offer a no-cost solution where you keep 100% of your sales while your customers benefit from low convenience fees. Sign up for FREE to get started!

Why TicketScene?

Ticketscene is proudly Canadian-owned and provides an exceptional level of service to its community of event promoters. Ticketscene helps promoters sell more tickets by offering an easy to use and complete end-to-end ticketing solution that rivals the best in the industry.

Find out why Ticketscene is becoming the Canadian ticketing alternative for event promoters!

  • No cost ticketing service. Ticketscene is free to use as long as you choose to pass the low convenience fee to ticket buyers.

  • No hidden fees. You keep 100% of all your sales when you pass on the fee to customers. No set up fees, no credit card processing, no currency exchange fees or admin fees.

  • Proudly Canadian! Located in the heart of Canada’s Technology Triangle, Ticketscene is based in Kitchener-Waterloo and has access to world class technology and talent.

  • Established in 2007. We’re not a new start-up. Ticketscene processes millions of dollars worth of tickets each year and pays event promoters quick!

  • Get paid quickly! Ticketscene pays promoters every Friday and Monday following their event. No more waiting weeks for your money to come in.

  • Proven technology that works and easy to use. We work with national accounts, professional promoters, major festivals, fairs, and small independents. Setting up events has never been so easy.

  • Advanced functionality and feature rich features. We got it all. Reserved seating and camping, flex passes, multi-passes, add-ons, POS gate verification, facebook integration, box-office, scanning, and printed tickets.

  • Powerful analytics and reporting. Ticketscene gives promoters access to customer data, detailed sales reports, analytics, and demographic information to make effective marketing and operational decisions.

  • Solid understanding of events. We were once promoters too. We know quite a bit about events and ticket strategies that work. We can pass that knowledge to you including industry best business practices.

  • Sell more tickets. Ticketscene has thousands of events posted and attracts a large community of like-minded ticket buyers who are looking for events to attend. We can help you reach these customers.

  • Event marketing and promotion. Ticketscene doesn’t just sell tickets; we become part of your event marketing team. We offer free newsletter marketing, direct email campaigns, geo-marketing, artist targeting campaigns, and more. We also give you tools to track campaigns.

  • Exceptional customer service. We’re easily reachable, quick to reply to emails and support calls, and step up if there’s any issues that need to be solved. We’re happy to talk and strategize with our promoters. Call us anytime @ 1.888.403.4444.

  • Cool name. Elevate your event’s brand with a ticketing name that sounds professional and a website that is mobile responsive and looks great!

Low convenience fees • FREE for promoters • Easy to use!